The Friends of Fehmarnbelt

The Friends of Fehmarnbelt is a network comprising individuals involved in politics, business, academia and the public sector as well as members of the general public. The aim is to demonstrate support for the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link and to promote the benefits that the improved infrastructure will bring about for the entire region, from Scandinavia to Northern Germany.

The Friends of Fehmarnbelt has been established to motivate, support and encourage the building of the Fixed Link across the Fehmarnbelt. The construction of the world’s longest immersed tunnel is so much more than a physical structure: it will bring about a major new, competitive and sustainable growth centre of almost 10 million people encompassing Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

The Friends of Fehmarnbelt network will not only bring new voices and perspectives to the Fehmarn project it will provide a platform for knowledge sharing, community building and for promoting the many benefits of the Fixed Link and its emerging region. Together, this group of ambassadors will play a vital role in targeting the hundreds of stakeholders in Denmark, Sweden and Germany and persuade them of the true merits of the Fehmarnbelt project.

The Friends of Fehmarnbelt network will be web-based. By providing up-to-date news and analysis and offering a forum for sharing thoughts and ideas, we hope to build up a critical mass of support for this all-important project in the ScanMed Corridor. In essence, the Friends of Fehmarnbelt network will be a communication platform that will stand as the preferred and primary information channel – a one-stop shop – both for the proponents of the Fixed Link and for those who have yet to be convinced.    

STRING, the political cross-border partnership between Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, the Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand, and the City of Copenhagen in Denmark and Region Skåne in Sweden, will host the website and co-ordinate its activities.