What is a cookie?
A cookie is a data file which is saved onto your computer, mobile phone or tablet when you access and navigate a website. A cookie never stores any private or personal information, but it does save information about your footprint on the website, such as the username you use when logging onto the site. A cookie cannot contain a virus, and is therefore not a risk to your computer.

Our use of cookies
We use technical cookies in order to make sure that you only have to log on to the website once if you are a Friend or Guest, and remain logged onto all the pages until you yourself log out.

We use statistical cookies to optimise the website and its functions by using Google Analytics to analyse your navigation on the website. Once gathered, this information is saved on the Google server.

We use 3. part cookies for statistics (Google) and share function (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook). Visit their websites for more information about their use of cookies.

Delete or deactivate cookies in your browser
You can always decline cookies on your computer by changing your browser settings. The location of your settings varies depending on what browser you use. Please however note that by declining or deactivating the use of cookies, you are also disabling many functions and services on the site.

All browsers will allow you to delete your cookies collectively or one by one. How this can be done varies depending on what browser you use. Remember to delete cookies in all of your browsers, if you use more than one.

If you have questions or concerns about the above, please do not hesitate to contact us on contact@friendsoffehmarnbelt.org.