You know the feeling: spotting a familiar face, seeing a smile – greet and hug, and the conversation starts. Friends have the privilege to be both kind and critical. Feedback, even the critical kind, is much more digestible if it comes from a friend than a person you have never met before or only have a distant relation to.

 That is the spirit behind the “conversation” we will have on this website among Friends of Fehmarnbelt. And the idea behind the network of Friends is exactly that we can spread information, ask the questions that have to be asked – and discuss the answers in the years to come while developing our common future in the corridor around the Fehmarnbelt from Hamburg up to Copenhagen, Malmø, Oslo and Stockholm.

 Being a Friend, off course, means that you are committed to international cooperation across borders and that you see an improved infrastructure as a means to achieve both environmental and economic progress for the wellbeing of the inhabitants in our societies.

  But also that you want to have a say; that you engage and want to share your thoughts and convictions with others in order to establish common ground for developing our societies into a better future. Be it as a private citizen, a politician, a business professional, a civil servant, researcher or student.

 We hope that you will see the network and the website/forum as constructive way of getting to know  - and engage in  - discussions with equally engaged people around the changes we are to see in the corridor during the next 10-15 years.


Last Edited 08 May 2017