New information campaign by Femern A/S

The plan approval procedure for the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel in Germany is well under way. The plan approval is expected to be issued next year, possibly followed by a court case. Even though the start of construction is only planned for 2020, more and more people, businesses and organisations are talking about the future opportunities.

In Ostholstein, along the German rail from Puttgarden to Lübeck , it is also time to talk about the future and the opportunities that will come with the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel. In the region, it is increasingly acknowledged that the link will come. The question is not if the tunnel is coming, it is when and how.

The change in attitude in Ostholstein is not least due to the successful completion of the hearing procedure for the German plan approval documents in summer 2017. It showed the quality and completeness of the application documents from Femern A/S. Femern A/S has also shown that the company, as tunnel builder, is committed to finding pragmatic and practical solutions for the citizens and the neighbours on the island and beyond.

The construction of the tunnel in itself will lead to new activities: work at the construction site, work as sub-supplier or tunnel-tourism at Femern A/S’ exhibition. And after the tunnel opens, a whole range of new opportunities will arise. This is why Femern A/S is now starting an information campaign about “Chancen für Ostholstein”, including advertisements in regional papers, outdoor posters in Burg, new material in our info centre in Burg and much more.

The campaign begins on 19 December 2017 and ends on 31 January next year.

The purpose is to inspire a conversation about opportunities for Ostholstein - business, tourism, culture, education, etc. - amongst businesses and other stakeholders, as well as amongst the public. With the campaign, Femern A/S also wishes to support the stakeholders who are actively supporting the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel and promoting new opportunities on the German side: Beltoffen, Fehmarnbelt Business Council, STRING, the Fehmarnbelt Committee and local businesses.

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Last Edited 17 December 2017